Ozone For Nail Fungus Infection

Published: 31st March 2011
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Ozone therapy for nail fungus is a modern and new age treatment, which has been used with success by some people. Maybe, many individuals may have never heard the mention of ozone nail fungus remedy.

But, we all know that ozone in the atmosphere protects earth from dangerous UV rays by forming a protective layer, and thus preventing them to reach the earth. Ozone gas is used to purify the drinking water of major cities since it acts as a primary stage disinfectant because of its ability to kill fungus and bacteria.

However, most people don't know how they can use ozone nail fungus treatment to eradicate their nail fungus. Are you concerned in learning more about ozone nail fungus treatment, make sure to read this article.

Ozone: What it is?

Ozone(O3) is an unstable and chemically reactive gas having three oxygen atoms. The ozone molecule has the potentiality to be a much more powerful oxidizer because of the presence of oxygen atoms. The anti-fungal properties of ozone makes it suitable for the treatment of the nail fungus. Scientists are manufacturing ozonized topical ointments for curing nail fungus because of the oxidizing and anti-fungal properties of ozone.

Theory Of Ozone Nail fungus Treatment

The use of ozone as a nail fungus treatment is based on the fact ozone help in eradicating toxins from the body by the process of oxidation. Ozone or oxidative therapy raises tissue oxygenation by enhancing the level of oxygen, and thus brings about improvement. The immune system of the body also gets better by the production of the white blood cells.

Thus, when treating your nail fungus with ozone or oxidative therapy, the success of the treatment lay on the accessibility of ozone to the fungus.

How Nail Fungus Ozone Treatment Works?

Ozone therapy for nail fungus may be taken in various ways including the use of ozonated oil externally, and ozone 'bagging'.

Bagging requires a clear plastic bag filled with an ozone gas, the infected nails are then placed in this bag in order to confine the ozone to the nails being treated. This form of treatment is indentical as soaking your infected nails in an anti-fungal solution.

Another convincing way to reduce the symptoms of nail fungus is to use ozonated olive oil, which is made by bubbling ozone through olive oil for few days untill it becomes solid. When using ozonated oil, it should be applied on and under the nail for many times a day.

Why Ozone Nail Fungus Treatment Is Not So Successful?

The ozone nail fungus treatment is not always successful since ozone may not pass through the nail bed and the deeper layers of the nail, where nail fungus resides. Furthermore, it is unsure whether the ozonated olive oil has adequate oxygen to effectively treat the nail fungus.

It is also important to perform the ozone nail fungus treatment consistently, without missing a day, for better results. Ozone nail fungus treatment is a time-consuming treatment, thus many people are not able to continue it for a very long time.

You May Try Natural Treatments For Your Nail Fungus

If your busy schedule does not permit you to invest much of your time in these time-consuming treatment, you may read below to find a natural and productive treatment for your nail fungus.

There are natural home treatment options which you can try to get rid of your nail fungus infection. Natural treatments are quite prominent today because of their safe nature and comfortable mode of application. The active ingredient present in this natural treatment is Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree oil has been the number one choice for many due to its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Ozone nail fungus treatment is not so common these days since many individuals are opting natural treatments to cure their nail fungus. Henceforth, if you want to try ozone nail fungus treatment, you may click the following link: Ozone For Nail Fungus to know more about this treatment.

Rather, for those suffering from nail fungus and interested in an effective natural treatment, visit the following website: www.nail-fungus-cures-that-work.com

This website is devoted to the treatment of the nail fungus infection, and contain all the information regarding the symptoms of nail fungus. The webmaster of this website, Simon Marks has freed himself of this dreadful nail fungus after using this natural treatment. Check out his personal review of natural treatment and find the most suited cure for yourself.

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